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BookB-unit7 A Son's Restless Journey  

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have/get/develop a chip on one’s shoulder

=(informal) feel quarrelsome or in bad temper because one thinks he is unfairly treated ; be bitter, resentful or defiant because one feels that one's past or background causes other people to be prejudiced against on

Robert always has a chip on his shoulder about not going to university because of his poor family.

Martin has a chip on his shoulder now as he was severely criticized by his boss.


carp about/at

=find fault or complain without a good reason 

He’s convinced that however much people carp about junk mail, most couldn’t live without it.

We will not carp at this great writer . (v.)
The second carp about Mr Thomas is that he is cruel. (n.)

Para1-4 have a run-in with

run-in (para.1): a quarrel; argument; conflict

Paris Hilton's run-in with the law has been quietly resolved.

Jane had a run-in with her supervisor about her attitude.


Para1-6 Andover-and-Skull-and-Bones past

Andover is the location of the prep school of Yale University, and it is a kind of elite school.

Skull-and-Bones is one of Yale Student clubs or fraternities, and are quite exclusive.


Para2-1 agonize

=suffer extreme pain or great anguish  vt./vi.

He agonized over the guilt that he felt.

Why do you agonize yourself with the thought of your failure?


Para3-2 tangle

come into fight with; fight or argue

They were tangled in the labour-management controversy.

I hope I don't have to tangle with the bank over this loan.


Para3 go mano a mano

--- Do you want to have a (physical) fight?

(Mano is Spanish for “hand”.)

Microsoft and Google go mano-a-mano


Para3-6 wince

=draw back or move away, as from a blow; flinch

The patient winced when he took the foul-tasting medicine.

he gingerly touched her bruised shin and winced at the pain.


Para3-8 peer

= look searchingly, as in making an effort to see clearly

He peered through the mist, trying to find the right path.

He peered at him closely.


Para4-4 redneck

= a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States, or refers to one who is regarded as having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted sociopolitical attitude.

Bush posed as a redneck rebel at Harvard…

= At Harvard Bush acted as a bigoted rebel from the Southern rural areas...


whiz through

n./ v.

A bullet whizzed past my ear.
They whizzed through the whole process once more before they left.

He whizzed through the job but made lots of mistakes.


Para4-13 cut to the chase               

get to the point, get to the important or crucial part

Instead of going into the details, Mr. White just cut to the chase.

Tom, I’ll cut to the chase. We think you’ve been stealing from the company.

Para5-3 rail against/about

--scold, complain angrily about; rake over

It’s no good railing against fate; better learn to live with what you have.

He railed at his wife about her extravagance.


Para6-5 make for

=head for, help in, lead to

After the concert, the crowd made for the door.

Though badly damaged by fire, the bus tried to make for its garage.

This is something that will make for a good career!

Para6-8 home run

= in baseball game, a hit that allows the batter to make a complete circuit of the bases and score a run (棒球)本垒打; 全垒打




Para6-10 ride the wave

--work smoothly or successfully; go with the trend 

Enjoy your success. Ride the wave to a better life.

They're riding the wave and let's ride it with them.

That's when you need to stand up quickly, and hopefully, ride the wave back to shore.


Para6-10 put up with   

--be willing to accept; tolerate an unpleasant situation or person without complaining

We all wonder how you can put up with their constant quarreling.

I can put up with the house being untidy, but I hate it if it’s not clean.


Para7 calling

= business, profession

Most people take teaching as a sacred calling, but they don’t want to be teachers.

He is a tailor by calling.

What calling does he follow?


Para7 toy with

--consider or think about sth but not seriously; handle or move sth carelessly or absent-mindedly

I’ve been toying with the idea of moving abroad.

I don’t think he’s really serious about their relationship, he’s just toying with her (with her affections).


Para8-10 GOP fat cats

= GOP stands for “Grand Old Party”, which means Republic Party; fat cats refers to wealthy and powerful people.


Para9-1 carry on

In any event, we should carry on with our research/work/plan.

Let’s carry on our discussion/ his career.
When the chips were down he found the courage and strength to carry on.
We have to carry on working hard.

This is my carry-on luggage.
I have two bags and one carry-on.

Para9-3 be unfazed by

Unfazed= not disconcerted or daunted; not disturbed or upset

In Seattle the protesters, who came from all part of the world to fight against globalization, were unfazed by the prospect of arrest.

The thing to do is to keep trying, unfazed by rejection or failure.


Para10-1 squelch

=suppress or silence, as with force

The Federal Communications Commission made an effort to prevent a single giant company from squelching competition in the market.

Squelching freedom of expression would be a real catastrophe for Peru.


Para10 round off                    

--complete in the best possible way;     improve to the point of completion  

They rounded off their tour of France by a call at Paris.

He rounded off his education with three years of business college.



He still “bounce off the walls.”

-- He is still impatient and restless, get angry easily

bounce off the walls: act unreasonably or crazily


Para 10-9 snarl at

v. speak in a sharp angry manner; growl angrily esp with the teeth bared like a dog

The dog snarled at the milkman.

At the seaside we could hear the snarl of the waves.
"Aha, " shouted the lion, leaping out with a snarl. " I've got you now.

Para11-4 gear up

We must gear up industry to meet defense needs.

Are the players geared up for the game?
The company’s gearing up for the big export drive.


Para13-5 tap

=draw upon or begin to use

He had to tap his financial resources when his business was declining.

The country must tap new energy.


Para13 mull over

= think over

He tried to mull things over in his mind.

The manager needs time to mull over our proposals.

Before they talk or respond, they first silently mull over what they have heard or experienced.


Para14 chat up

[BrE colloq.]

Mr White likes chatting up the girls.

Who was that young man you were chatting up this morning?


Para14-9 peter out

=grow less or diminish gradually and stop; make exhausted

The storm had petered out when our departure time came.

The track petered out after a mile or so, so we wandered aimlessly in the valley for more than an hour. 

His ambition slowly petered out in face of opposition.
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