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BookII Unit 2 The New Singles  

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Background information
1.1 Eleanor Rigby
-- -- One song of Beatles’ named Eleanor Rigby
Its lyrics were the sketch of lonely spinster Eleanor Rigby, and another lonely elderly figure, Father McKenzie
1.1 the rice in the church
-- One of the old wedding accessories in the west. after the ceremony people usually throw handfuls of uncooked rice on the bride and groom as they leave the church. Rice symbolizes productivity and fertility.
1.2 Austin Powers 王牌大间谍
--- the superagent in movies:
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
Austin Powers 3 (2002).
1.2 Austin Powers:
International Man of Mystery
Synopsis: The dastardly doings of Dr. Evil lead to his escape into outer space and the cryogenic freezing of superagent Austin Powers. Thirty years later Dr. Evil returns to earth to bring about terror and mass destruction but finds his ideas and methods a bit out of date. So too does our hero who upon being thawed out, finds he‘s a bit behind the times as well…
1.2 lava lamp
-- a kind of  motion lamp. The lava lamp came to dominate 1960’s merchandising in Great Britain and sales of the lava lamp soared. Here it signifies a lower level of culture.
a lava lamp is a lamp that has wax in liquid and it is heated by the light bulb when it melts its starts to float like lava. That was the lifestyle of the British in the 60s
1.3 Bridget Jones
-- a film character in Bridget Jones’s Diary 布里吉特·琼斯单身日记 about the dynamic, outrageously original Bridget Jones, the neurotic thirtysomething single girl searching for love.
2.4 Golf GTI
A kind of smart German car made by Volkswagen
4.3 Scandinavian
-- people of the countries Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland in Northern Europe
Scandinavian Peninsula
5.7 the Institute Francais d’Opinion Publique, the French affiliate of the Gallup poll
14.2 holy grail
A cup or plate that, according to medieval legend, was used by Jesus at the Last Supper and that later became the object of many chivalrous quests.

Language Points
1.4 stock-- common, routine
She is tired of that neighbor’s stock jokes.
2.3 spoils -- goods, advantages, or profits
war spoils
The thieves agreed to divvy up with the spoils.
2.3 scoot-- go suddenly and speedily; hurry
He scooted (off) down the road after them.
You'll have to scoot or you'll be late.
He knocked over his water at dinner and I had to scoot out of the way to avoid getting soaked.
2.4 clutch --To grasp and hold tightly; To seize; snatch
You should clutch at the opportunity.
A drowning man will clutch at a straw.
Ease out on the clutch. (n)
2.5 rave about
rave --To speak with wild enthusiasm
He raved about the new play on the air.
2.6 self-reflection
reflection -- Mental concentration; careful consideration
3.5 observe--To say casually; remark
He observed that honors do not always went to those who deserved them.
It was observed by none.
to observe an eclipse
You must observe calm.
Observe Phone Etiquette
Customs of observing the New Year vary from place to place.
3.6 momentum of individualism
An essential or constituent element; a moment.
Impetus of a physical object in motion.
The soaring rise in interest rates finally appeared to be losing momentum.
3.8 wreak havoc on …
=To bring about widespread destruction, devastation, disorder or chaos
Sever snowstorms wreaked havoc on traffic.
Even a slight increase in average temperatures could wreak havoc on farmers around the globe, as seasons shift, crops fail and storms and droughts ravage fields.
4.7 Word Construction “out-”
4.9 feature
--To have or include as a prominent part or characteristic
The play featured two well-known actors.
4.11 promise
--To commit oneself by a promise; pledge
-- Indicate, to afford a basis for expecting
Early mist promises fair weather.
A timely snow promises a good harvest.
5.2 come of age
When you come of age, you will be allowed to vote at various elections.
They will have a party when their sons or daughters come of age.
5.3 sharp(Informal)--- attractive or stylish
You really look sharp in that new outfit.
But his sharp image actually becomes his enterprise's barrier now.
5.6 temperament  n.
The manner of thinking, behaving, or reacting characteristic of a specific person
The distinguishing mental and physical characteristics of a human being according to medieval physiology, resulting from dominance of one of the four humors
Excessive irritability or sensitiveness
a nervous temperament
an actor with too much temperament.
an artistic temperament
the sanguine [phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic] temperament多血[粘液, 胆汁, 忧郁]质
6.6 connotation
-- An idea or meaning suggested by or associated with a word or thing:
have/ hold connotations of …
Hollywood holds connotations of romance and glittering success.
6.8 come along (= come on)
Take every chance that comes along.
You should be ready to solve any problem that may come along.
7.10 rest up -- take a sound rest, refresh up
I think I'll just rest up for an hour or two before starting work again.
Why don't you take a nap to rest up for the party?
Eat up Run up Clean up Clear up Shut up Wipe up
7.10 shy-- Short; lacking
We’re only $100 shy of the total amount we’ve been trying to raise.
The store is shy on children’s clothing.
9.4 rule out -- declare the nonexistence of; exclude
The new trade agreement seems likely to rule out import restrictions by individual countries.
This recent wave of terrorism has ruled out any possibility of peace talks.
10.1 yearn for -- have a strong, loving or sad desire for
By their mid-thirties some career women begin to yearn for motherhood.
She yearned for his presence/him/him to come home.
He yearned to return home.
10.2 set  -- ready
We are set to leave early tomorrow morning.
I can't stop you if you are set on going.
10.6 broker 
exchange broker
foreign exchange broker
insurance broker
investment broker
stock broker
10.7 complex -- group of buildings that are close together
The new sports complex has everything needed for many different activities.
11.3 “neo-” -- New; recent
Neolithic villages
11.2 network  -- An extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and remain in informal contact for mutual assistance or support.
Trans from english into chinese
(12.5 )The last thing I want to do when I come home is communicate.
He is the last man I want to see.
I would be the last person in the world to deny this.
Not to keep his promise will be the last thing for my father to do.
13.1 romance
--ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people, especially that characterized by a high level of purity and devotion; love
They kept the romance alive in their marriage for 35 years.
Take down our romance with bright moonlight.
Romance dies through indifference and neglect.
13.2 incidence
-- The act or an instance of happening; occurrence
-- Extent or frequency of occurrence
13.3 opt for -- choose a particular thing rather than any other 
Tests have shown that girls tend to opt for languages whereas boys are more likely to study science or maths.
There are several things on the menu I’d like to try, but I opt for the salmon
13.6 once too often --- once more than is sensible or safe
He had driven home drunk once too often -- this time he got stopped by the police.
He exceeded the speed limit once too often and was fined.
13.7 hook up-- get connected; meet up (with)
e.g. I hooked up with some old friends from school and we went to a restaurant.
Hey! Since you're a friend of Bill's, why don't you hook me up?
14.6 small wonder--- no wonder; not surprising; naturally
e.g. Small wonder nurses are leaving the profession — their pay is terrible!
15.2 hang over -- feel a headache, sickness, etc. the day after drinking too much alcohol and often want to vomit after having drunk too much alcohol
There was a great party last night, but I’m feeling really hung over this morning.
On New Year's Day they were all hung over.
15.9 fork out -- pay (usu reluctantly); hand over
They had to fork out $100 to get the lorry repaired!
I’m not forking out $17,000 a year on taxes when I can work abroad and pay half that.
16.6 hold-- be valid, applicable, true
The theory holds. This is an observation that still holds true.
I don't think the rule holds in traffic court.
The agreement does not hold to us.
17.8 pitch in -- set to work vigorously; help or cooperate
Pitch in so we can finish the job as soon as possible.
When I bought this house, all my friends pitched in to help fix it up.


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